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We are retired and waited longer then we should to own extended care benefits.

We sort of knew something about care giving insurance. Although there is a lot of information available on the Internet and information we have received in the mail, we still did not understand why we should own it and what plans were available for our particular situation.

As it happened, my wife could not qualify medically to own extended care benefits but I was able to get coverage.

You could have stopped there but with your knowledge and expertise, you recommended a critical care plan which my wife could qualify which will provide benefits if she needs care giving services.

You are a professional and I am pleased to recommend you to my family, friends, and loved ones.

Connie and Bill W

(Washington State)

 I am not the most patient person when it comes to looking at insurance and, although I needed to do something about custodial benefits, I was never comfortable talking to anyone about it. You listened, you asked questions, and then you suggested several plans that would meet my needs and budget. When I asked questions, you explained the process. Since then, you have maintained contact and whenever I've had questions, you were available to answer them. In other words, you kept your promise.

Valerie P

(Washington State)

Although I had spoken with others about extended care benefits, you were the first person I felt comfortable with. Few of the others listened to my concerns. Although I thought that I couldn't afford long term care coverage, you patiently showed me what is possible and I understood that the need for long term care will affect my family even more than it will affect me. What you designed is a plan that will allow me and my family to conserve our money and retain our dignity.

You are a professional and I am pleased to recommend you to my family, friends, and loved ones.

Jim G


The accountant for our North Dakota ranch suggested that my husband and I should investigate extended care benefits because we both have health issues. When we provided our medical histories, you were authentic and explained that I would not qualify medically for extended care benefits but my husband probably would qualify. But then you surprised us by finding an option that we hadn't considered-long-term-care coverage for my husband and a critical care plan for me.

Leslie and Wes N

(North Dakota)

Within minutes, I felt comfortable with your knowledge and approach as you asked questions and then listened to my concerns. Using a screen-share program, you showed me exactly how you design long term care plans. No one had ever done that and it made working with you easy.

I can see with home health, physical therapy, and other health issues, older folks without LTC could really get in financial trouble.

Certainly gives me peace of mind to have a policy! Thanks for helping me and my wife to own extended care plans.

John Y


As a single person who is a college professor, I understood the need for care giving services. My income is adequate to support my life style but not enough to provide extended care at home or in a care facility. My primary issue was not whether to have extended care benefits but who I would feel comfortable with. You shared your computer screen with me online and showed me exactly what options I could consider. I'm comfortable knowing that my needs will be met without depleting my savings.

Donald P


With Raymond’s help, we came to appreciate that long-term-care plans are not commodities. He helped us find the right company and the plan that offers the benefits that are important to us. Raymond answered our questions and when we received the policy, we found that it was carefully organized so that we can inform our children and financial advisors that we own these plans.

Judy and Blaine P


 Raymond Lavine helped me understand my options and make a decision about long-term-care insurance. I had been delaying this action for a long time. In addition to being knowledgeable, he has access to current data that’s presented interactively online so that he can answer questions.

Audrey H


Ten years ago, when we looked into extended care-benefits, we were told that we could only own ``facility`` coverage, but we wanted to have benefits in our home. I am no longer insurable but my wife is. Raymond's creative approach allowed him to offer benefits that will be of value to both of us — an extended care plan for my wife and critical care benefits for me.

Larry and Sharon P


A colleague referred me to Raymond and he started by explaining the differences between plans from the many companies he represents. We are comfortable with our decisions because he kept us fully informed throughout the underwriting process.

Diana and Bill W


I found Raymond's website and called him. I have multiple sclerosis and an extended care plan I owned had lapsed. I'm in the insurance business, so I know about pre-existing conditions. Raymond suggested that I apply for Medi-Cal benefits and also found a care giving plan that could provide discounted care giving services. I consider myself fortunate because I found a knowledgeable, competent, and caring agent in Raymond Lavine.

Howard S


My wife and I knew we needed to own LTC plans because we wanted to have income to pay for care if we needed it.

I had ideas about what we should own and what companies to consider. Raymond showed us various plans and explained what they offered and he highlighted those plans that would help us to meet our objectives.

Then he showed us plans that would do even more. This allowed my wife and me to own plans that provide unexpected flexibility in how we will be reimbursed when we need care.

Martin and Joanne S


We knew we needed to consider owning an extended care plan, but I had concerns and questions: Why did we need it, what plans were available, would we qualify for benefits?

Raymond did more than explain; he asked questions, listened, and understood what we wanted to accomplish with our lifestyle and commitments as we move forward in our lives. He simplified what I thought was overwhelming into ideas that allowed me to understand why we should own plans.

As it happened, health concerns delayed my owning a plan, but my wife received her approval quickly and, a few months later, Raymond helped me to qualify for my plan.

Cheryl and Joe Z

(New Mexico)

I contacted Raymond because I own a Genworth LTC plan and I received a premium increase. My question, should I own another plan or pay the premium?

He asked me questions about my plan and my current health. I explained that my husband and I purchased plans 8 years ago (my husband is deceased) and that I have been experiencing health issues.

Raymond explained that my present health issues would not allow me to be underwritten for a new plan and that even if I were in good health, he was straightforward with me – keep you plan as it has benefits which are not offered in present plans and even though premiums have increased, I am still better off keeping my plan.

This made me feel better to know that I own a quality plan and I appreciate his taking the time to explain why premiums have been increased and why my plan is valuable

Virgina W

(South Dakota)

Raymond knows how to explain long term care benefits. We thought it would be simple, but we also had concerns that he sensed and answered: How do different plans pay for care? What is the application process? Will the company be financially viable in 15 or 20 years? Will a person be available to answer our questions now and in the future?

The information he sent was useful and his online screen sharing session helped us make an informed decision about both companies and plans. Now that we have a plan, we do not have to be concerned that our children's lives, our commitments, or our estate plan will be disrupted.

Cathy and Don O


I knew I needed long term care benefits. I just did not know what to do. Raymond explained what needed to be accomplished and what plans to consider.

He made it a pleasant experience.

Randy E

(New Mexico)

Thank you for your comprehensive and informative explanation of how to navigate through the advantages & limitations of long-term care coverage. I appreciate the time you took to explain the nuances of each and I know more about making an informed choice than I did before our conversation.

Carolyn M

(New Mexico)

Thank you for being so prompt and thorough. You have been truly a great professional to work with and we are glad to hear that the LTC benefits were surface mailed for us to review and have other important documents. It sure was a pleasure to work with you. Wish you and your loved ones a great holiday season.

Dan and Sabet


Our parents are living with us because of health problems and frailty which made us think that we needed to have a plan in place to have reserve money to pay for caregiving services to remain in our home.

It took several conversations before we decided a plan which would provide the benefits we wanted. Thanks for being helpful and patient to help us make a good decision.

Jill and Kyle


I am a scientist by training and only own insurance that I need.

My parents needed care giving because of health issues and I knew that having a care giving plan for me would be of value if I could speak with a person to explain the need and plans which would provide me with what I wanted along and making sure I did not over buy benefits.

Raymond does not make me think that he is a salesperson but a person who is knowledgeable and compassionate about what care giving is about and why owning a Long Term Care benefit is important.

Thank you for helping me and my family.



It took me years to decide to own a long term care plan. My parents needed care and they had to sell some of their investment properties to pay for it. That reduced their income and increased tax expenses. I doubt I would have owned a plan, even knowing what happened to my parents, without Raymond. There is a patience, diligence, and competence about him where you trust him to explain the issues and provide ideas with what is the best plan to own and how it will be helpful.



We appreciate your patience in helping us work through the process. My wife is not insurable and I needed surgery before I could be approved for long-term care benefits. Because of your help, there will be funds to pay for home care or assisted or nursing care services if I ever need them. In addition, the plan will provide benefits for my wife if she needs care.

Lonnie and Karen

(New Mexico)

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