Get Your Free Long-Term Care Guide from Lavine LTC Benefits in Gig Harbor, Washington Get Your Free Long-Term Care Guide from Lavine LTC Benefits in Gig Harbor, Washington

Get Your Free Long-Term Care Guide

My long-term care guide will answer frequently asked questions about LTC benefits including:

  • How Much Does LTC Insurance Cost?
  • Is LTC Insurance Worth It?
  • Does Medicare Pay for LTC?
  • What Happens When LTC Insurance Runs Out?
  • What Types of LTC plans are available?
  • Is Long Term Care Tax Deductible?

… and 30+ other questions about LTC benefits.

Benefits of long-term care insurance

You have choices if you own a Long-term care plan. You and your family may use your personal resources or telephone or write to your Health Insurer, Medicare, Veterans Benefits, or other social services to ask them how and where they will pay for your caregiving.

  • Owning an LTC plan allows you and your family to decide where and with whom you want assistance with your daily living activities.
  • LTC benefit payments paid to you or a care agency are not subject to income taxes.
  • If you are a Corporation, Partnership, or LLC, premiums may be deductible.

Why schedule a conversation with raymond?

  1. Reduced family conflict among family
  2. Predictable income stream for care services
  3. Protect income and assets to enjoy your lifestyle
  4. Tax-free benefits to pay for care services

Without a plan, an emergency care event presents an immediate family crisis. Working with a skilled and competent extended-care benefits advisor safeguards your future, ensures your transition from active daily living to activities of daily living, provides for care support services, and protects multi-generational financial security.


We appreciate your patience in helping us work through the process. My wife is not insurable and I needed surgery before I could be approved for long-term care benefits.

Lonnie and Karen (New Mexico)

It took me years to decide to own a long term care plan. My parents needed care and they had to sell some of their investment properties to pay for it. That reduced their income and increased tax expenses.

C.J. (Washington)

I am a scientist by training and only own insurance that I need. My parents needed care giving because of health issues and I knew that having a care giving plan for me would be of value if I could speak with a person to explain the need and plans which would provide me with what I wanted along and making sure I did not over buy benefits.

Rob (Washington)

Starting the Conversation is Easy!

Obtaining extended care coverage begins with a review of your current health and financial circumstances.

You can fill out our Health & Financial Status Questionnaire now so that Raymond can review it before your consultation or wait until after the consultation.

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