Recommending assisted living to family or friends is a challenging conversation.

You can begin the conversation when living at home is not good because there are issues with home care .

An assisted living facility may be a more supportive and enriching experiencing experience than staying where you live.

The responsibility of maintaining a home and a yard becomes difficult.

Assisted living conversations happen when the responsibilities of maintaining a home without regular care assistance bring isolation, interest in maintaining a home, or the cost of home care and caregiving is more than a person can afford. Another reason is even with caregiving, the stress on a family or partner to remain at home is not helpful to the person needing caregiving.

Other reasons are cognitive impairment, where it is safer to be in a care center than to remain at home.

In addition, the death of a partner may result in an individual feeling alone and losing their social connection, so discussing assisted living also could be a consideration after losing a partner.

Suggestions for having the conversation to transition to a Care Center

  • You can choose facilities in advance and visit in person or online.
  • Present options that are close to where they live
  • Be aware of their feelings if they resist relocating to another city.
  • Ask them if they have friends who have made a similar move and normalize that change is difficult.
  • Involve family and friends in the decision and encourage them to tour facilities with you.

“Find a place they feel comfortable. It means transitioning from a place they know and care about to a different environment. Include items such as a favorite chair, items they need to engage in a favorite hobby, or family photographs.”

If your family or friend is hesitant, return to the subject occasionally. Events such as hospitalizations or natural disasters can be a logical time to reconsider the idea of assisted living.

Find a facility that suits their needs. A care facility might look nice in the lobby or during your tour, but learn more about what services the facility provides. Get to know the staff and their length, and attract people compatible with your lifestyle, experience, and background.

“You’re looking for a feeling of home, fitting in with other residents, and a staff that feels like family.”

To help with the conversation: The Conversation Project information: 

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