1. Why Nina and Joseph are not receiving their LTC benefits has nothing to do with the Washington Cares Fund. They should contact an attorney, Met Life, Washington State Insurance Commissioner, or a care support company that will advocate getting their long-term care benefits.
  2. The Cares Fund is designed to pay for care services of $36,500 for one year. The plan’s purpose is to delay one-year residents of Washington State who would immediately apply for Medicaid when caregiving services are needed. An additional challenge is that Washington State will not approve one-year LTC benefits available in other states.
  3. Some people will benefit from a one-year benefit. Most people should have the conversation to own plans which provide care benefits for more than one year.
  4. The plan, as admitted by one of the cares fund sponsors that the legislation was not drafted properly. Isn’t there a legislative drafting committee to examine the law and recommend draft changes to the law before it was approved?
  5. People are not motivated to talk about long-term care benefits when they read articles like this, which confuses people or makes the carriers who offer LTC benefits unhelpful.
  6. Owning a long-term care plan is less expensive than paying for care services from assets or personal cash flow.