Embrace Financial Security with Long-Term Care and Planning Solutions from Lavine LTC Benefits Embrace Financial Security with Long-Term Care and Planning Solutions from Lavine LTC Benefits

Embrace Financial Security with Long-Term Care and Planning Solutions

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Secure Your Future with Long-Term Care Protection

Discover unparalleled peace of mind with our personalized long-term care plans in Gig Harbor and surrounding areas. Bid farewell to worries about funding your care services or juggling the responsibilities of a caregiver. Our comprehensive and personalized approach ensures you and your loved ones are safeguarded today and in the future.

Lavine LTC Benefits preserve Financial Security and Safeguards your Income and Asset

Worried About the Rising Costs of Care? Preserve Financial Security & Safeguard Your Income and Assets.

At Lavine LTC Benefits, we go beyond generic solutions, offering you personalized advice and tailored plans that address your unique situation. Whether you're navigating the challenges of aging, facing frailty, experiencing changing responsibilities, or grappling with the financial implications of caregiving, we understand your concerns. Count on us to provide thoughtful and well-crafted solutions that meet your needs.

Uncover the Benefits of Pre-Tax LTC Benefit Plans for Care Services

Experience the financial advantages of our tax-efficient LTC benefit plans, empowering you to pay for care services with pre-tax dollars. Unlock the financial support you require while optimizing the value of your resources.


We appreciate your patience in helping us work through the process. My wife is not insurable and I needed surgery before I could be approved for long-term care benefits. Because of your help, there will be funds to pay for home care or assisted or nursing care services if I ever need them. In addition, the plan will provide benefits for my wife if she needs care.

Lonnie and Karen (New Mexico)

I knew I needed long-term care benefits. I just did not know what to do. Raymond explained what needed to be accomplished and what plans to consider.
He made it a pleasant experience.

Randy E (New Mexico)

Thank you for your comprehensive and informative explanation of how to navigate through the advantages & limitations of long-term care coverage. I appreciate the time you took to explain the nuances of each and I know more about making an informed choice than I did before our conversation.

Carolyn M (New Mexico)

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