The Value of Care Coordination Benefits in LTC Benefits

Arranging for long-term care services is no easy task. The insured often isn’t in a position to research care options, leaving the job to frazzled family members.


When a loved one needs help with everyday activities, families often have to act quickly. Faced with countless options to consider and immediate decisions to make, it is not easy to know who to trust or where to turn for help.


All the carriers who offer LTC benefits provide care coordination benefit that helps families manage loved one’s long-term care needs.

There are no added fees for this service. An independent care advisor will cost $125.00 to over $150.00 per hour for care support advice and services.

When a claim is initiated, a care coordinator is assigned to the owner of the plan who needs caregiving.

This licensed health-care professional – usually a registered nurse or gerontologist – becomes the family’s contact professional and coordinates with friends or family to arrange for services and ensure caregiving ideas are provided which will be helpful.

The policy owner or a trusted family member calls the toll-free number in the policy to initiate a claim.

A care coordinator contacts the insured or the family member to assess the need for long-term care services.

The care coordinator then develops a personalized plan of care and helps to arrange for services.

The care coordinator continues to monitor the insured’s progress and the quality of care received.


There is no waiting period to satisfy for care coordination services. This means the insured has immediate access to the services of a care coordinator.

The insured is not required to use care coordination services. Some policy benefits are available only upon the recommendation of a care coordinator, including benefits that can help them remain safely at home:

Caregiver training

Durable medical equipment

Home modifications

Medical alert system

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